Another girl doing another blog…

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be posting pictures of my feet on white sand beaches, or showing off my fancy coffee art!

I’m going to be using this to express how hard it is to live with mental health issues, how I deal with having severe anxiety and depression and of course, i’m a makeup artist so ill be throwing some makeup related content in too! (no, I know, it sounds so fun right? can you name a better duo?)

Oh also, I have two little puppies, (who are currently sat either side of me giving me cuddles as i’m doing this) they’re most likely going to get a bit of screen time – I’m not sorry. 🐶

All jokes aside,

I’ve felt alone, I’ve felt embarrassed and I’ve felt ashamed. This is so daunting to publicily open up about my own mental health, but fuck it! If this can help just one person not feel like they’re on their own then its worth it! 🤍

So, lets find out if writing down my thoughts will be my new therapy!

(Ps, does this mean I can add ‘blogger’ to my insta bio now?)

#mentalhealth #mind #positivity #makeup